Keep Your Drinking Water Clean and Clear

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Most of us don't even think twice about the water coming out of our faucet. But did you know your drinking water has the potential to mix with chemicals, pesticides and waste? Trust Triple J Plumbing, LLC to provide thorough backflow testing and repair services in New Castle, Anderson & Muncie, IN. We'll make sure your drinking water is perfectly safe and uncontaminated.

We take great pride in being one of the only local plumbers capable of performing certified backflow testing. If we notice any issues, we'll provide swift backflow repair.

Call us today to make sure your home or business has a properly functioning backflow device.

How do you know you need backflow repair?

Drinking water should only move in one direction toward your home or business. But if it's being mixed with wastewater moving out, you may notice that your drinking water:

Looks brown, yellow or pink
Smells like sulphur
Has visible rust or sediment
Tastes metallic or dirty
Comes out slow or interrupted

Any of these signs could indicate that your backflow device is malfunctioning. Don't hesitate to pick up the phone-reach out right away for backflow repair services.